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London Hip Clinic is the only centre in the UK offering the pioneering Röttinger Approach to total hip replacement surgery, performed by world-renowned surgeons.

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Conditions and treatments

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About London Hip Clinic

London Hip Clinic is a leading private hospital based in London, specializing in total hip replacement surgeries. They use the groundbreaking Röttinger Approach, a minimally invasive technique that allows patients to recover swiftly. This facility has been operational for several years and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technologies. Their world-class surgical team has over 70 years of combined experience in hip replacements, and they are based at several sites in central London.

The Team

The surgical team at London Hip Clinic comprises a trio of orthopaedic luminaries: Prof. Damian Griffin, Dr Kristian Kley, and Prof. Adrian Wilson. Collectively, they bring over 70 years of surgical experience to the clinic and are the leading forces behind the Röttinger Approach in the UK.

Prof. Damian Griffin

Prof. Damian Griffin specializes in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery. With decades of experience, he has been instrumental in advancing the science of hip replacements. He plays a key role in patient assessments and procedural planning, ensuring that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan.

Dr Kristian Kley

Dr Kristian Kley, a Consultant Orthopaedic Knee & Hip Surgeon, brings a wealth of international expertise to the London Hip Clinic. Known for his precision and mastery in minimally invasive techniques, Dr Kley provides patients with unparalleled post-surgical results, greatly reducing recovery time.

Prof. Adrian Wilson

Prof. Adrian Wilson, the Founder and Medical Advisor of London Hip Clinic, has not only led the clinic to its current acclaim but also experienced the effectiveness of the Röttinger Approach firsthand through his own successful hip replacement surgery. His vision and leadership have made London Hip Clinic a leading facility for hip replacements in the UK.

The Röttinger Approach

  • Minimally invasive Röttinger Approach to total hip replacement - £11,950*
  • Bilateral hip replacement - £16,950

*When you pay upfront, the full price is £11,950. A special discounted price of £10,950 is available for those who pay in full.

Quick recovery

96% of recent patients at our clinic were able to walk out without crutches within 24 hours of their surgery. Take control of your health and avoid long NHS waiting lists by choosing the London Hip Clinic.


Ceri, a recent patient, exclaimed, "I have no pain, no restriction in movements. Adrian and Kristian were amazing from day 1."

Ways to pay

London Hip Clinic offers flexible payment options:

  • Pay upfront and save £1000, bringing your cost to £10,950.
  • 0% finance available with 50% deposit and 24 monthly payments of £250 (subject to suitability, a credit check will be required).
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