An In-Depth Look at Hip Replacement Surgery at The London Hip Clinic

The article provides an in-depth look at hip replacement surgery as offered by The London Hip Clinic, covering the benefits of the Röttinger approach, what makes this method unique, recovery time, safety aspects, pain levels, and hospital stay duration. 

What are the benefits of your Hip Replacement Surgery?

The Röttinger approach to hip replacement used by The London Hip Clinic is particularly effective in reducing the risk profile for the patient. This minimally invasive method promotes faster recovery and has resulted in numerous satisfied patients.

What makes your Hip Replacement Surgery different from other methods?

The clinic differentiates itself by offering a comprehensive hip replacement package that is unique in the UK. This includes not just the surgery, but also a team of dedicated recovery nurses and skilled physiotherapists to ensure an exceptional patient experience.

How long does it take to recover from Hip Replacement Surgery?

The Röttinger approach aims for rapid recovery, with many patients able to walk on the day of the surgery itself. While complete recovery may take some time, achieving 80% recovery within the initial days is typical.

How Safe is your Hip Replacement Surgery?

While any major joint surgery comes with risks, the Röttinger technique is designed to minimize these. Factors like dislocation, infection, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are significantly reduced using this method.

Will my operation and recovery be painful?

Some level of pain is to be expected, especially on the day following the surgery. However, the Röttinger approach minimizes trauma and muscle impact, so the pain levels are generally lower.

How long will I stay in hospital?

Thanks to the accelerated recovery from the Röttinger technique, most patients are discharged either on the day of the surgery or the following morning. Extended stays are rare and occur only when medically justified.

Why choose us?

The London Hip Clinic is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience in hip replacement surgery. Their comprehensive approach ensures that you receive the utmost care and support throughout your journey.

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