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Dr Sophie Grabczynska: Dermatologist in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Offering modern, up-to-date treatment with a friendly and supportive approach, Dr Grabczynska works as a Private Consultant Dermatologist in Great Missenden and Hemel Hempstead and offers expert assessment and treatment for the full range of skin complaints in adults and children. 


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Dr Sophie Grabczynska is a specialist in general dermatology, treating all types of skin complaints including rashes, lumps, ulcers, areas of discolouration or change in pigment of the skin, skin roughness, irritation or sensitivity, skin conditions affecting hair, genital skin in women, paediatric dermatology (children's skin problems), eczema, acne, sun related allergies and problems, skin cancer, cosmetic and non-cosmetic skin surgery, vitiligo, basal cell carcinoma and psoriasis.

Dr Grabczynska works for the NHS as a Consultant Dermatologist at the Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust (Amersham, Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe Hospitals) where she has a busy clinical practice managing all aspects of skin disease in adults and in children.  She has the full support of a multidisciplinary team and the facilities of a first-class dermatology service. She was the Service Delivery Unit Director for Dermatology between 2011 and 2022 and is currently the clinical lead for Paediatric Dermatology and for Phototherapy in her hospitals. She works as a Private Consultant Dermatologist in Great Missenden and Hemel Hempstead.

Dr Grabczynska graduated from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School (University of London) in 1990. Her higher specialist training was undertaken in London teaching hospitals, and at the St John's Institute of Dermatology.  She gained specialist accreditation and was awarded a place on the Specialist Register in dermatology by the General Medical Council in 2002.  She was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 2006.

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I specialise in

Dr Grabczynska offers expert diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of skin conditions including non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancer.

  • Acne
  • Atopic eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Dry and chapped skin
  • Eczema
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Fungal nail infections (onychomycosis)
  • Granuloma annulare
  • Haemangioma
  • Lichen planus, lichenoid eruptions and sclerosus
  • Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer
  • Pruritus (itching)
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis and keratoses
  • Skin cancer
  • Vitiligo

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Consultation fees

  • Initial consultation fee: £285
  • Follow-up consultation fee: £195

Acne Consultations: Following recent MHRA guidance, it will not be possible to prescribe oral isotretinoin on first appointment. Furthermore, due to additional administrative and monitoring requirements, any follow-up consultations arising from starting or monitoring oral isotretinoin will increase to £250 per visit. If you are wishing to use your private insurance, please check that they will fund the additional cost. You will otherwise be required to wholly or part fund it directly.

Clinical interests 

Dr Grabczynska's special interests include:

General dermatology: Eczema, Dermatitis, Rashes, Itchy skin, Dry skin, Red skin, Inflamed skin, Rosacea, Acne, Spots, Boils, Psoriasis, Phototherapy, Ultraviolet therapy, UVB, PUVA, Urticaria, Hives, Excessive Sweating, Hyperhydrosis, Vulval and Perianal Genital skin problems

Paediatric or children’s skin conditions: Eczema, Dermatitis, Rashes, Birthmarks, Haemangioma

Hair and nail disorders: Hair loss, Baldness, Alopecia, Nail problems

Discolouration of skin: Discoloured skin, Vitiligo, White patches, Dark patches, Hyperpigmentation, Hypopigmentation, Depigmentation

Photosensitivity: Sun sensitivity, Prickly heat, Polymorphic light eruption, PLE

Sun damage and skin cancer: Dermoscopy Mole Check-up, Naevi, Skin cancer, Malignant Melanoma, Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), Basal cell carcinoma (BCC), Bowen’s disease, Sun damage, Solar keratosis, Actinic Keratoses, Photodynamic therapy (PDT), Skin surgery

Lumps and bumps: Seborrhoeic keratosis, Warts, Cysts, Lumps and Bumps, Skin tags, Cryotherapy, Excision of lumps, moles and cysts

The philosophy of her practice is to offer patients modern and up-to-date treatment of their skin problems with a friendly and personal approach to their care, recognising that many dermatology problems require a fine balance of medical treatments and personal support.  All aspects of the patient's health and wellbeing are taken into account in deciding the best management for each individual and every patient has management tailored specifically to their requirements, ensuring both the best clinical experience and patient satisfaction.

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What patients say about Sophie Grabczynska

I know I paid the initial consultation myself and BUPA should have picked this up but I wanted to pay you (and sort out the issue with BUPA myself) as the treatment has been nothing short of amazing!

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