Apelles Econs

Allergy Specialist

, Surrey, London, Leeds and Oxford

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Apelles Econs: Allergy Specialist in Surrey, London, Leeds and Oxford

Dr Apelles Econs is a highly experienced allergy consultant, offering a ‘cause-focused’ approach to the investigation and treatment of all types of allergy and problems associated with the immune system, including asthma, eczema, arthritis, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel and long covid. His clinic has helped thousands of people to overcome their ‘chronic’ conditions by identifying the main underlying causal factors and using effective, personalised scientific or novel methods to manage them.

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About Dr Apelles Econs

Dr Apelles Econs MRCP LRCP graduated from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London in 1976. After working in several hospital posts, he entered NHS general practice in 1979, spending 22 years as a principal. He has also operated as an allergy consultant since 1992. He served for years in the British Olympic Medical Committee and his local NHS Clinical Commission Group.

Dr Econs developed an interest in dietary and environmental factors affecting human health in the early eighties when two of his patients with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue claimed to be ‘cured’ following simple dietary changes and methods of desensitization, recommended separately by colleagues. He went on to conduct his own research into how environmental factors influence human health. He developed and applied some of the methods used in clinical allergy in his NHS practice, along with preventative and nutritional methods to manage eczema, asthma, hay fever and other common medical problems, some not apparently associated with immune dysfunction.

He is a strong advocate for a methodology based on an environmentally oriented approach for many chronic medical conditions, rather than the current focus on symptom control. He believes that such an approach not only benefits the patient, but also the local and national heath economy.

Dr Econs is the Medical Director of The Burghwood Clinic in Ewell, Surrey. He has extensive experience with the management of dietary problems, the treatment of internal parasites, the use of oral and intravenous nutrition, dealing with chemically sensitive people and the use of all modern methods of immunotherapy, including the Enzyme Potentiated method (EPD), Low-dose immunotherapy (LDI) and sub-lingual immunotherapy (SLIT).

Dr Econs is a long-standing member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine and is registered with the General Medical Council and the General Naturopathic Council. He is a medical adviser for MCS Aware, a charity offering support for those whose health is affected by chemical emissions in the environment.

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I specialise in

  • Investigation and treatment of allergy and problems associated with the immune system
  • Management of dietary problems
  • Treatment of internal parasites
  • Oral and intraveneous nutrition
  • Management of chemically sensitive people
  • Immunotherapy
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Dr Econs is available for consultation at The Burghwood Clinic in Ewell Surrey. He also offers consultations at Ten Harley Street in London, The Tower Clinic in Leeds and the Oxford Allergy Centre in Oxford.

Although a face-to-face consultation is recommended, Skype or telephone consultations are available for clients who live a long distance from the clinic, those who are unable to attend due to ill health or international clients.


Initial consultation (1 hour): £290
Follow-up consultation (30 minutes): £145
Initial consultation in London (1 hour): £350
Follow-up consultation in London (30 minutes): £180

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In the press

Dr Econs frequently participates in radio phone-in programmes concerning allergies and health matters. He has taken part in Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and Food Hospital.

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Research interests

Dr Econs has participated in several clinical trials, lectured in postgraduate conferences and has contributed to medical journals.

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What patients say about Dr Apelles Econs

I live in the United States. I have suffered for six years with digestive issues, food intolerance, severe and unwanted weight loss, fatigue, dizziness, mental fog. I must have seen ten doctors in Chicago and was unable to get a correct diagnosis nor treatment plan from any of them. I went to the three largest medical centres in Chicago. A wonderful consultation with Dr Econs via Skype finally gave me a ray of hope. During our conversation, the doctor answered all of my questions and concerns and told me about his unique three drug treatment for protozoan parasites. The treatment protocol as well as dietary suggestions along with recipes were emailed to me right away. Many email exchanges with Dr Econs and his staff followed. They were always very prompt, courteous and addressing all of my concerns. In-spite of the geographic distance, I always felt that Dr Econs was more easily accessible than all of the doctors I had contact with in Chicago. I took the prescribed drug treatment and today thanks to Dr Econs I am finally free of blastocystis hominis. Big kudos to the Allergy Medical UK. You are my heroes and I remain your forever grateful patient.

A. D. Chicago, USA

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