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Screening 'can reduce bowel cancer risk'

People have been told to take part in regular cancer screenings to reduce the risks that are associated with bowel cancer.

Diagnostic imaging and screening can help doctors identify if a person is at risk of the disease. During the process, a patient's digestive tract will be checked for polyps that can turn cancerous if not detected early, stated Nick Phillips, director at Bowel Cancer Wales.

He advised people to change their lifestyle habits to reduce the chances that they will develop the disease.

Individuals should ensure their diet contains enough wholegrains and fibre as this will help keep the bowel healthy, while regular exercise, even walking, also helps, he added.

According to Cancer Research UK, bowel cancer is the third-most common form of the disease in the UK. The illness can arise in more than a dozen biological regions of the bowel, but 27 per cent of cases occur in the rectum and 20 per cent are found in the signoid colon, the charity states.


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Screening 'can reduce bowel cancer risk'
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