Convenient online payment option for diagnostic imaging

Patients of London Imaging Centre can now pay for their scans online at any time using the efficient London Imaging Centre web portal, called TREVOR. With the launch of this new feature, patients can pay whenever they wish in advance of their scan.

To kick off this convenience, London Imaging Centre are offering a limited-time 5% discount on all scans paid for online. Long known as the most affordable, accessible and assured diagnostic imaging provider in the private healthcare sector, London Imaging Centre offers MRI scans starting at £190*.  The new innovation is further proof of the strong commitment London Imaging Centre consistently exhibits for core company values.

TREVOR is London Imaging Centre's online community for patients, referrers and clinical staff. Patients can book appointments**, pay for them, and view scan images online, anywhere and anytime. Referrers can use TREVOR to access scan images and reports, create new patient referrals, and book patient appointments online.

For more information please contact London Imaging Centre.


*Current price for a standard MRI scan with a 5% discount applied if pre-paid online on TREVOR.

**Within the exception of a few more complex appointments that are best booked over the phone with guidance



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Convenient online payment option for diagnostic imaging

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