BOTOX anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular form of cosmetic treatment today, offering the opportunity to remove or reduce those ageing lines and wrinkles by stopping muscle movement.   

However, thanks to media coverage of some extreme cases of overuse, first time users can be quite cautious of how it will look.  Recent TV programmes have featured “BOTOX addicts” and magazines do pick up on celebrities who have over-used the injections.  

For most people, the “over-frozen” look is definitely out and unappealing.  

The good news is that as well as effective, when correctly administered, BOTOX can also be extremely natural-looking so that the patient looks fresher faced and smoother-skinned without looking at all frozen.  In fact, this is the impact that the majority of practitioners would look for. 

The term “Baby BOTOX” has been used to apppeal to first-time patients who have concerns about looking over-done or artificial.  The concept is that using a lower dose of BOTOX will deliver wrinkle-reduction benefits, without the “frozen” look, thus reassuring people about the finished result.

Experts from The Hospital Group, leading UK provider of the treatment, explain “Baby BOTOX is an interesting concept which could appeal to those who might be cautious about wanting a natural look.  However, in delivering a good result, it is not the dose so much as the injection sites which make the difference.

Administering BOTOX is a real art, demanding fine appreciation of facial aesthetics and muscle balance.  Injecting into exactly the right position within the facial muscles is the most instrumental element in delivering a natural-looking anti-ageing treatment; where lines and wrinkles are smoothed.  In addition, facial features can be lifted which has a gentle rejuvenation effect.  For example, subtle injections of BOTOX into the crow’s feet area will open up the eyes, making them look slightly larger, more alert and awake and therefore youthful.

We would advise any patient considering BOTOX to choose a practitioner carefully and ensure that they are using a reputable provider who truly specialises in injectable treatments.”

The Hospital Group offers BOTOX, fillers, peels and other anti-ageing treatments in a network of over 20 clinics.  They only use highly trained Aesthetic Nurses who specialise in such treatments.


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