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Ear pinning (2 ears) at Pinehill Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK

Pinnaplasty / otoplasty / ear cosmetic surgery can be carried out under general anaesthetic (usually recommended for children) or local anaesthetic. The incisions are generally placed behind the ear, occasionally in front. The cartilage of the ear is remodelled and, on occasions, some of the cartilage may be removed. The sutures (stitches) are absorbable and do not require removal. After ear plastic surgery (otoplasty / pinnaplasty), the ears may be covered with a large head dressing which should be worn for one week. After this it is advisable to wear a tennis head band for six weeks although, due to pressures of school or work, it may only be possible to wear the head band at night.


Location Price
Pinehill Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK £3,365 *
National average ( 67 hospitals/clinics ) £2,875
Average within miles of Go  

* What's included?

The hospital aims to offer fixed care packages to clarify all costs of treatments. If you have not been offered a package, please do not hesitate to contact the hospital for more details of your treatment plan.

Doctors that perform Ear pinning at Pinehill Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK

The following doctors have admitting rights to Pinehill Hospital - Ramsay Health Care UK and also perform Ear pinning

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