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Patients can leave a recommendation for Tom Browne by clicking the link on the right of this page. Here are some testimonials that Tom has previously received from patients:

"I am very pleased with the outcome"
C.W. (2015)
"I can go on holidays now and wear a skirt"
L.E. (2015)
"The horrible ache is gone, it's so much better"
S.C. (2015)
 "The aches are gone and so is the swelling, thank you"
 L.H. (2014)
"Very pleased with the outcome, thank you"
 D.W. (2014)
"Feels good no problems"
J.F.K. (2014)
"I don't get fidgety legs anymore and I don't have to hang them out the side of the bed"
K.R. (2014)
"I don't have any pain now when I walk the dogs"
J.Y. (2014)
"Fantastic no bruising like as if the veins were never there"
C.W. (2014)
"Many thanks, no pain. I am back to a full swing at the golf"
M.T. (2014, after hernia surgery)
"Doesn't hurt now, it's lovely"
J.J. (2014)
"It's been great, a lot better than I thought"
K.H. (2014)
"I am really pleased"
C.W. (2014)
"I will be wearing shorts in the garden for the first time in years"
W.S. (2014)
"I am absolutely delighted, it looks much better and the aching is gone"
J.W. (2014)
"It's lovely to be able to wear skirts again"
E.L. (2014)
"Delighted with my hand, it's dry now"
M.F. (2014)
"I am really thrilled with the result"
S.H. (2014)
"My leg feels 10x lighter"
R.T.F. (2014)
"I can wear a skirt now"
K.P. (2014)

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