Did you know that up to 40% of the adult population of the UK are affected by varicose veins? There’s a lot of information out there on varicose veins, but some of it is not accurate. The Private Clinic wholeheartedly believes in educating their client base and providing accurate, helpful advice.

Are varicose veins always visible?

Not always the case. They can begin deeper in the body or start as thinner thread (or spider) veins and be causing issues for you several layers below the skin. It is better not to self-diagnose but to see a professional to ascertain the type of vein and check there are no issue.

Is getting rid of varicose veins just vanity?

In most cases varicose veins are indeed a purely cosmetic issue as they can be unsightly. The Private Clinic believes fixing something that bothers you should not cause you shame. It’s amazing to see patients have the confidence to wear summer clothes now they are vein free!  

In some cases the vein can cause issues though, if it is bulging on the surface of the skin then be sure to have it checked by a specialist just to rule out any potential problems. If left untreated there is a risk the vein could get worse leading to issues such blood clots, ulceration or general skin damage.  

Don’t let it fester, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also if the appearance of your veins does change then go to a medical professional as soon as you can. Any changing symptoms such as aches (dull or otherwise) feelings of heaviness, cramps, itching or swelling are not to be ignored.

Does varicose veins only affect ‘old people’?

This is a common misconception as varicose veins can affect anyone of any age. It is true that it is more common in older people. 

Does being overweight cause varicose veins?

Weight has no bearing on creating varicose veins but being overweight can make existing veins worse. 

Can pregnancy cause varicose veins?

This is commonly misunderstood rather than totally untrue. In 1990 research was conducted that showed that the majority of women who developed varicose veins during pregnancy actually had them already but were less noticeable. Sadly pregnancy can cause varicose veins to become prominent in existing cases.

Is it painful to have varicose veins removed?

The Private Clinic no longer use the older ‘stripping’ method which certainly was considered painful. The memory of the treatment has clearly left a lasting impression on the public. NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence) suggest that the stripping method should no longer be used (bar exceptional circumstances) and the minimally invasive methods far outperform stripping in effectiveness and patient comfort.  

How long do varicose veins take to heal?

Healing times are surprisingly quick now but they do vary depending on the exact treatment method used. All vein treatments offered are performed under local anaesthetic and are more or less pain free. A lot of patients go back to work the day after! With phlebectomy you might want to wait a day or two longer depending on how physically active your job is. 

Do varicose veins come back?

With the stripping method there was indeed a 60% chance the veins would return after about a decade. The Private Clinic are happy to report there is only a 10% recurrence rate with EVLA, and in many of these cases it is actually a new vein appearing close to the site of the original problem vein. The laser is so precise the chance of the vein returning is minimal. Many people seem to be totally unaware of the incredible advances that have been made in treating varicose veins.  

The Private Clinic perform walk-in, walk-out vein removal treatments with some of the world’s most respected and renowned surgeons. They can confidently state that they are a specialist centre for vein removal nationwide.  Why go to the best? Because it’s your body. 

Check their website, or call 03339209135 for more information or to book a consultation.

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