Breast Reduction Surgery

For many of us, the idea of reducing our bust size may be considered an unusual concept, particularly with the popularity of breast enlargement procedures. However, oversized breasts present several downsides and limitations, leading a large proportion of women to seek a smaller bust size.

The leading cosmetic group, The Private Clinic, uncovers this topic, revealing why some women seek Breast Reduction. Available Breast Reduction options are also discussed in addition to the post-surgery recovery and healing period and more. With over 30 years of medical cosmetic expertise and experience and offering top UK Consultant Surgeons for surgical breast reduction procedures, The Private Clinic provides expert advice on the subject.

1. Why would you consider breast reduction?

Overly large, heavy breasts can be a daily nuisance to some women and in some cases cause physical discomfort, pain or affect confidence. Here are some of the reasons women choose breast reduction in more depth:

  • Back pain - Women with large breasts can complain of them being too heavy and report neck, shoulder, breast and back pain - such symptoms are usually a significant reason why patients choose to undergo the procedure.  Breast reduction can completely reduce, or if not improve significantly upper back pain as well as your posture.
  • Attention – Another frequent issue for patients seeking breast reduction is the effect on their personal and professional lives. Oversized breasts can lead to unwanted attention and in some cases create self-consciousness.
  • Clothing – Many patients express feelings of frustration towards their busts, which have restricted them from wearing certain outfits, or have prevented them from finding clothes that fitted all together.
  • Lifestyle – Oversized breasts can create difficulty in exercising. Many patients have also quoted feeling self-conscious in ‘active-wear’ or experienced difficulty finding sports bras capable of containing their larger breasts

2. What are the options available to me?

If your breasts are sagging and heavy and you are looking to change their shape, reposition them or your nipples, or lift them considerably, Breast Reduction Surgery (Mammoplasty) could be the best option. Removing excess skin, glandular tissue and fat from the breasts, Mammoplasty’s are aimed at reducing the overall weight, size and breast volume. They are often combined with a Breast Uplift to prevent sagging breasts after the reduction in volume.

In breast reduction surgery, there are a variety of techniques that could be used, depending on your breasts size and your desired outcome, including:

  • Anchor type or inverted T reduction – The most common breast reduction method, leaving an anchor-shaped scar which begins around the areola, and goes vertically down then horizontally across the natural breast crease.
  • Vertical pattern breast reduction – Leaves a circular scar around your areola, as well as a vertical scar directed downwards. This technique benefits from no scarring below the breast and there is less risk of wound complications. Although, this method may initially leave behind a small skin fold at the lower end of your vertical scar.
  • Circumareolar reduction – Only leaves a circular scar around your areola. Although, this technique can only be used when extracting a small amount of tissue.

For those who are happy with their breasts shape and position, and only looking to reduce their breasts volume and weight, Micro Liposuction, The Private Clinic's minimally invasive fat removal procedure may be more suitable than Breast Reduction Surgery. Although, generally patients should be post-menopause before this procedure, when much of the breasts glandular tissue has been replaced by fat.

3. How long does breast reduction surgery take?

Breast reduction procedures commonly take around two to three hours to complete. Patients will be under general anaesthetic and may be asked to stay for a minimum of one night prior to leaving the following morning, so your nursing team and surgeon can ensure you are recovering well.

4. What are the side effects and healing time?

You might feel slightly numb or tingly in some areas, due to nerve irritation, which should stop after 1-2 weeks. You can also expect some bruising and swelling post breast reduction which often subsides after a few weeks. Note that the initial swelling will alter the appearance of your breasts at first. The best results, however, will be seen after a minimum of 6 weeks post-surgery.

As mentioned, your scars will depend on the technique used in your case, however these will eventually fade from a red to a more silvery colour, and scar advice should be given by your surgeon.

5. What is the downtime after Breast Reduction Surgery?

Just like the majority of surgical procedures, there will be temporary downtime after breast reduction. For six weeks post procedure, it is best to take it easy and stay away from anything too strenuous to prevent stretching your scars.

The Private Clinic generally advise taking one to two weeks off work to ensure you are recovered fully. This depends on your job type however, for manual labour positions, more time off may be advised until you are fully healed, to help avoid complications. After two weeks, you may be able to drive given your surgeons confirmation. After three weeks, gentle exercise can be resumed, but avoid excessive moving or stretching of your arms. And for at least four weeks, you should also refrain from sleeping on your front.

The Private Clinic presents a team of extensively experienced Cosmetic Breast Surgeons for Breast Reduction Surgery who are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for each patient. With a 5 Star Trustpilot Rating, the cosmetic group has achieved an excellent reputation for patient results, safety, outstanding care and honest advice. Book a consultation with The Private Clinic by calling 0333 920 9135 or find more information on their Breast Reduction Surgery webpage.

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