BBC Radio interviews vasectomy reversal expert Duncan Harriss

Vasectomy reversal expert Duncan Harriss was featured on Radio 5 recently, in an interview by Gabby Logan.

Gabby explains that this procedure is "on the increase", making Mr Harriss highly sought after as a vasectomy reversal surgeon with extremely high success rates and extensive experience.

They are joined by a gentleman called Rob, who has undergone both a vasectomy and a vasectomy reversal.

Men undergo vasectomy surgery because it is much "safer, quicker and cheaper than female sterilisation", but these same men change their minds for a variety of reasons, for example they now want to try for a baby or have experienced pain due to the vasectomy.

In the interview, Duncan Harriss, who runs a vasectomy reversal clinic in Nottingham which welcomes patients from all over the country, Europe and the Middle East, looks at why people choose to undergo vasectomy reversals and why this number is increasing.


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