10 things to think about when considering cosmetic surgery

What to consider before going ahead with surgery

Why do I want the procedure?

Have I considered all other options to obtain the results I want and are my expectations realistic? Our consultants will be realistic and will put your best interests first. Speak to a consultant

Will I need to have further surgery in the future due to ageing?

Remember, surgery is a life changing decision that may affect you and your family both short-term and long-term. Some surgery may require further treatment in years to come. Remember, a face-lift will not stop you from ageing; breast implants have a shelf life. There are risks, just as with all surgery. These can be discussed with a consultant that is specific to your surgery and your body. 

Where will the procedure take place?

We offer a clinical and private hospital setting of the highest standards. There are also suites available (if clinically appropriate) for patients who are keen to keep their surgery private.

Who will carry out the procedure (what are their qualifications and experience)? 

Your treatment will be carried out by a fully qualified and experienced consultant. We will send you consultant portfolios for you to look through and choose from. The choice is yours. You can read more about our amazing consultants here.

How long will I be in hospital and will I need to take time off work?

This is different for each procedure and you can talk to a consultant about this with no obligation to commit.

What are the risks with my chosen surgery (what will happen if there are complications post surgery)? 

We have a full aftercare programme with a direct number to speak to a clinician with any concerns or questions you may have once you have been discharged.

Will I know the total cost and payment options prior to my chosen procedure? 

Yes, each hospital has a personal patient account manager to hold your hand through your journey. You can initially ask your dedicated account manager or consultant any questions without any commitment.

What is the process once I have decided to go ahead and who should I contact? 

Before committing to anything, we invite you to one of our very relaxed open evenings to have a coffee and meet with consultants in private to discuss your options. Our consultants are committed to your care, and will not always agree with your plans for surgery if they don’t feel it is realistic or clinically appropriate.

Am I able to speak to previous patients about their experiences? 

During your chat with our consultants you will be able to request to see before and after pictures and you can ask for contact details of previous patients to speak to (if available).

What makes a Ramsay Hospital different?

Ramsay Healthcare group is one of the largest hospital operators in the world. The ethos of Ramsay Healthcare is ‘People Caring for People’ and we ensure that this is clear throughout every aspect of your journey with us.  We are committed to the safe care of our patients and stick by you throughout and beyond your cosmetic surgery. You can come along and speak to us with no fee or obligation to commit to surgery. Enquire now

Can I afford further treatment? 

Surgery is not a new handbag or luxury car. You need to consider the financial impact on you and your family. We do have payment options available which you can discuss with your Private Patient Account Manager or consultant. 

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10 things to think about when considering cosmetic surgery

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