Wendy's story: Gastric bypass

When Wendy Gorton, 45, reached almost 20 stone she felt her weight was getting out of hand and she was just getting bigger and bigger. “I did all the diets but I’d get complacent and then all the weight would come back on. I was getting fed up as I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life yo-yo dieting. I think life’s too short for that.”

Wendy also had a bad back which was affecting her job as a nursing assistant and her weight was affecting her lifestyle too. “I was unhappy with how I looked and always covered up when I’d go out, which wasn’t very often,” Wendy says. “I was sad as I felt like I was this big fat thing that was just getting fatter and fatter.”

As a result Wendy looked into weight loss surgery as a more permanent tool to help her lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Wendy says, “I did a lot of research beforehand on weight loss surgery. I looked at a lot of different websites and hospitals, and I chose Spire Manchester because it was near to me and I knew the bariatric surgeon, Mr Ammori.”

It was a gastric band that Wendy wanted initially, but at her first appointment with Mr Ammori they discussed her eating habits and it was recommended that a gastric bypass would be more suitable.

After her first appointment with Mr Ammori, Wendy left the hospital feeling excited about her surgery and what the future could hold. She also met the weight loss nurse and dietitian and she started on a diet that would prepare her body for the operation.

Having gastric bypass surgery at Spire Manchester Hospital

Four weeks later Wendy went to Spire Manchester Hospital for her gastric bypass. After the operation she felt a bit of minor discomfort but the overwhelming feeling was one of excitement at her new life. The day after the operation Wendy went home and started getting used to her new life.

It took Wendy a little while to adjust to life with a gastric bypass. “It was trial and error finding out which foods suited me best,” says Wendy. “Before the operation I could drink a two litre bottle of fizzy drink in one sitting, but now I have smaller drinks like tea or water. When I go out for dinner with friends I have a starter for my main meal but it’s not a problem for me”

Wendy also attended the weight loss surgery support group at the hospital, which she found really useful. Hearing other people’s experience of how their life and eating habits had changed made her realise she wasn’t on her own.

How Wendy's life changed after weight loss surgery

Since she had the operation in 2008 Wendy has lost nearly 11 stone and is now a size 8-10. She used to be a size 26.

“Having weight loss surgery was the best thing I ever did. I feel absolutely fantastic and have more confidence now. Even something like walking is much easier than before.”

“I really enjoy shopping for clothes now too. I used to have six items in my wardrobe, and now I have three wardrobes full of clothes that I’m able to wear! I can go into any shop now and know the clothes are going to fit me.”

And what’s Wendy’s advice for others thinking of having weight loss surgery?

“Some people have said I’ve cheated having surgery, but it’s not an easy option. You have to work at it, but it was the best choice for me.”

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