Weight loss surgery at the Yorkshire Clinic

Michelle Bowater a Weight Loss Patient at the Yorkshire Clinic, Ramsay Health Care UK shares her story:

"I was an obese child, adolescent and adult. In August 2004, after trying everything possible to lose weight and failing, I underwent weight loss surgery and have since gone on to lose over 14 stone. Having lived the 'journey' I worked for weight loss surgery providers in the marketplace and developed a passion for helping patients fully understand the benefits and pitfalls of surgery.

I have always been a big girl. I found out early in my life that food was my addiction of choice, I loved it and it was the perfect solution to all my emotional needs. When I was under pressure or had problems I found comfort in food and when I was celebrating I ate because I was happy and it was another reason to 'blow' that week's diet.

I used every excuse to eat and every excuse to convince myself it was okay!

I really struggled over the years, tried every slimming club, every pill, every weird and wonderful way to lose weight and always found myself heavier than when I started!

I was disgusted with the way I was eating my life away, my friends say I ended up 'super obese' because I had a personality disorder resulting from a lack of will power and self-control.

I soon learnt Obesity is a chronic disease and I just couldn't stop myself...

Being overweight was a horrible way to live and I hated every minute of it, I didn't have any medical conditions associated with obesity and at a 60 + BMI this was unusual, although I could not have what I wanted - A baby!

What I did have though were lifestyle conditions associated with obesity and these were embarrassing ' incontinence, skin fold infections, not fitting in chairs, aching joints, being infertile and depression were by far the worst.

My life has really changed since my surgery and I finally feel 'normal' but surgery isn't magic, you have to work with it.

Oh, and I gained a son!"

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