• The Cochlear Implant Team have worked a miracle for me!

The Cochlear Implant Team have worked a miracle for me!

One patient believes their life has been changed by their new Cochlear Implant and Mr Shaida's treatment.

"My hearing to being almost non-existent and I was referred in early 2017 to the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital to be assessed for a Cochlear Implant, this gave me hope that I would possibly be able to hear again. After a series of tests, scans and consultations I was assessed and accepted for a Cochlear Implant. I had the operation on 31 August 2017 and after five weeks had the external unit provided and switched on. That day just seemed miraculous as from having been profoundly deaf I could suddenly hear again. I still find this absolutely amazing!

I wish to thank all the staff at the hospital that I have had contact with. They have been all been brilliant with their skills, knowledge, professionalism and technical abilities and also outstanding for the dedication, care and support that they gave me. The kind and caring attitudes of everyone, both before and after the operation, has been remarkable. Those involved were the surgeons and their theatre team, the nursing staff, the clinical team, the scientist and the hearing therapist. The coordination and the warm and friendly attitude of everyone I have met at the Hospital has been exceptional.

Having struggled with declining hearing for many years I had the unenviable prospect of spending the rest of my life in a silent world and isolated. The team changed this dramatically getting me back into the ‘real world’. A poster in one of the consultation rooms declares “Cochlear Implants Transform Lives” – if anything this is an understatement – my life has been dramatically improved beyond description. Everyone at the Hospital will be aware of how they help deaf people and would see their grateful return to the hearing world but the personal change is monumental.

I would like to pass my many, many thanks to everyone at the Hospital. My family and I will always be grateful to the staff for the tremendous care and support that they gave me that has radically changed my life. I trust that my thanks can be passed specifically to the staff concerned, namely Mr Lavy and the surgeons, Mr Shaida and the theatre team, Professor Saeed, Mrs Leah Meeson, Mrs Wanda Aleksy, and the Nursing Sisters and Staff Nurse Claire in Ward B."