Gastric bypass surgery by an expert

Jussara Gomes Freire had weight-loss surgery in 2011 after visiting her GP.  Jussara said: “Fortunately at the time I had no health problems linked to my weight but I had no energy, constant back ache and my joints hurt.  I had no social life as I was not able to do anything and felt very depressed with no confidence in myself.”

After speaking to her GP and her weight and its affect on her everyday life, her doctor suggested weight-loss surgery and referred Jussara to Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Agrawal.  

Jussara remembers: “At my initial consultation with Mr Agrawal it was a quick decision.  I needed my life back and wouldn’t have been able to achieve the weight-loss I needed by dieting alone.  After discussing my eating habits, dieting history, weight and medical history, Mr Agrawal recommended the gastric bypass as the most suitable treatment option for me.

Mr Agrawal explains: “Gastric bypass is the most suitable weight-loss procedure for patients, like Jussara, with a high BMI that need to lose up to 70 per cent of their body weight.  With a gastric bypass the size of the stomach is restricted so you can only eat small meals, but also part of your digestive system is bypassed so less food is absorbed by your body. It is more invasive than a gastric band or sleeve, but in the hands of an experienced bariatric surgeon it is still a very safe and effective weight-loss procedure providing a permanent weight-loss solution.”

Jussara booked the operation for June 2011.  “Pre-surgery I was fine but on the day of my operation I was a bit nervous. But, I needn’t have been because post surgery was wonderful – I did not feel anything and felt like nothing had been done.”

Over three years later and Jussara continues to feel “wonderful”, having lost 55kg (over eight stone).  “The surgery was….IS…everything to me. I feel like a new woman in every way.  I’ve got my social life back and now enjoy going to the cinema, pub, eating out and holidays once again.  I can eat out as now I am back to eating normally – and I mean everything. I really can eat anything but just in a small quantity.”

“To anyone considering weight-loss surgery, I would simply say ‘hurry up and you will change your life!’”

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