Excellent acupuncture treatment in Hastings from Yuko Nakamura

07 Jun 2019

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I came to Yuko through a friend, and as an ‘emergency’ case. Away from home for a few weeks in the southeast I found myself suffering from a frozen shoulder, bringing me serious pain, with resultant sleeplessness, nausea and headaches. Yuko quickly saw me and treated me. The first treatment was an amazing in so many ways. It was the first acupuncture treatment I had experienced in over thirty years where I felt no pain or discomfort when the needles went in! This seemed a miraculous revelation to me in itself, but then the treatment also brought more than 80% of immediate relief to the shoulder, with almost total diminution of the pain and the absence of the nausea and headaches. I was also able to release a great deal of stagnant and repressed emotion during the process. A follow up treatment saw full movement back to my shoulder. The treatments were so powerful, and Yuko’s gentle and intuitive way of working added to the deep healing experience. As a person who has used acupuncture for more than thirty years, I have no hesitation to recommend Yuko – I only wish I lived nearer to her so that I could see her and employ her skills for all my health needs. I encourage those who can get easily to her clinics to do so.

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