• Collagen cross linking for keratoconus at AVC – Matthew Hirst

Collagen cross linking for keratoconus at AVC – Matthew Hirst

Police Officer Matthew Hirst underwent treatment for keratoconus using collagen cross linking at Advanced Vision Care in Harley Street:

"I first found out on a routine eye check that I had keratoconus and I was recommended to come to AVC. I had done some research online and checked the customer reviews, I then initially spoke to Eva and discussed the concerns that I had. She was very reassuring so I decided to book an appointment for an initial consultation.

The service was excellent, I had various tests carried out and then was seen by Mr Pillai who was excellent, provided me with reassurance and took the time to explain and discuss my condition in detail. He went through all the options with me and there was no pressure to purchase anything. I felt confident that I was getting the best health care from AVC.

The day of surgery was excellent, I found it a relaxing experience as bizarre as that sounds. The experience was quite calm. It was all very straight forward.

My vision now has improved and I am looking to going further to have ICL done. I am very confident that it will give me further better vision. Because of the excellent service I received throughout I wouldn’t consider to go anywhere else to have it done.

I have considered other places to have crosslinking and was willing to go anywhere in the world but chose AVC because it was the best and after having treatment I am convinced it was the best. The standard of patient care is excellent."