• Balloon kyphoplasty for spinal fracture: Patricia's story

Balloon kyphoplasty for spinal fracture: Patricia's story

"I was out walking my dog and as I was climbing over a fence, I fell backwards, landing heavily on a stony track. At first I could not move and was taken to hospital by excellent ambulance staff.

My pain was excruciating but my X-ray was said to be clear so I was sent home.

I remained in severe pain and back spasm and eventually had an MRI scan at another local hospital. This showed a fracture at the T12 vertebra.

I contacted Mr Fagan's practice at this stage to see what could be done.

I had my Balloon Kyphoplasty performed at the BMI Woodlands Hospital Darlington on 5th July 2012

From entering the hospital, I was extremely well looked after and was kept informed of what was happening. All procedures were fully explained to me.

Surgery went well and when I came round from the anaesthetic I had absolutely no pain.

I could not believe how wonderful I felt, it was only then that I realized how much pain I had been in since the accident. I slept so well the next night, before I was conscious of pain every time I moved.

The following day I also awoke with zero pain, not even sore where the small incisions had been made.

I was on an amazing high!

On arriving home, friends called in to see how I was. Everyone noticed that the strain on my face due to the pain had disappeared.

One friend was convinced that I had had botox (I hadn't), as I looked so much younger than when I went into hospital!

I would like to thank Mr Fagan for the wonderful Balloon Kyphoplasty he performed on my back.


Mr Fagan Writes:

There are a number of patients like Patricia who suffer minor looking injuries on X-ray that are extremely painful.

This group of patients do well with a Balloon Kyphoplasty once it is apparent that, despite robust painkillers and mobilisation, their fracture pain is not getting better.

Most get better within six weeks, but those that do not can be considered for a Balloon Kyphoplasty.

Especially if there is progressive loss of height of the vertebra, some kyphosis (tilt of the spine) present or intractable pain (like Patricia).

26 Year(s)
GP referral
Not Required