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Britain's largest friendly society has changed its name, clearing away more than 160 years of history.

From now on, the society formerly known as Liverpool Victoria will be transformed into the unusually named LV=.

The £2m brand change will see the insurer's logo converted into a lime green "LV" combined with an "=" representing the firm's "expression of mutuality".

It is aimed at creating a "fresh, vibrant" identity for the insurer.

Mike Rogers, group chief executive of LV=, says: "Research showed that a stronger, more vibrant identity would give our business more impact and more relevance top today's consumers."

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society came into being in 1843 to enable people to pool funds and save for a decent funeral for family members. It has since grown into an insurance business with 2.5 million members.

LV=, or simply `LV' as it intends to refer to itself, plans to launch a range of new products it will introduce under the new name. It has also launched a television advertising campaign to make people aware of the new brand name.

Confusingly, the friendly society’s legal name remains Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited but LV= is the new brand identity that will be introduced over time for all marketing, sales and service communications. For convenience in conversation and on the phone, the company will refer to itself simply as ‘LV’.



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Welcome LV =
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