Walking can help mental and physical wellbeing

People can reduce their chances of developing dementia and needing psychiatric care by ensuring that they take regular walks.

Maria Castellina, the Ramblers woman, said that just a 30-minute stroll to the shops and back, five times a week was enough to prompt a variety of health benefits.

These are often associated with physical health, but a new scientific report from the US, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, revealed the speed someone walks at has a correlation with the chances of them developing dementia in later life.

Ms Castellina, said that walking will also particularly benefit a person's cardiac and pulmonary health.

"You should be breathing a little faster, feeling a little warmer and feel your heart beating a little faster, but you still feel comfortable and are able to talk," she explained.

Organised country walks are a good way of sticking to the exercise, as people are bound to make new friends, she added.


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Walking can help mental and physical wellbeing
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