Study recommends more diagnostic imaging

New research has suggested that medical facilities should make more use of diagnostic imaging.

The report looked at more than one million patients and registered their "health outcomes" after receiving testing, in terms of mortality and overall cost.

Dr David Lee, lead author of the study and senior director of health economics and outcome research at GE Healthcare, noted that increased use of diagnostic imaging did not lead to a significant rise in cost, but lower death rates were recorded.

"Payers and policymakers have questioned whether more diagnostic imaging use is associated with better health outcomes. Based on our research, the answer would appear to be yes," Dr Lee explained.

The report was published in the November issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

Policymakers in the US were lobbied by patients this month, after suggestions that there might be cutbacks in funding for medical imaging, which protesters claim save lives.


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Study recommends more diagnostic imaging
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