Stress risk from busy lifestyles

Excessive pressure from different aspects of life is resulting in many Britons experiencing stress, it has been claimed.

The International Stress Management Association UK said that many individuals have little control over events that cause them stress.

Ann McCracken, chair of the charity, explained that busy lifestyles add to this pressure.

"The pace of life in 2010 is busy, busy, busy. Emails and phone calls and tweets follow us wherever we go, people choose to have many activities going on and in families often both parents have careers which makes child minding an extra pressure," she added.

Ms McCracken suggested that developing a flexible attitude to stress will help Britons relax.

"Be honest about how you are feeling and separate the feeling from the individual – own your feelings, don't blame them on someone else," she advised.

A recent report from Philips revealed that more than half of people believe their partner contributes to their feeling of stress.


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Stress risk from busy lifestyles
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