Prostate exam on Idiot Abroad

Dr Chinegwundoh gave the reluctant Karl Pilkington a prostate examination after being told that more men die from prostate cancer than by being savaged by polar bears (He was in the Arctic at the time!)  

Ricky said: “Karl is the typical ‘bloke’ who would rather take his chances with prostate cancer than have another human being put a finger where a finger shouldn’t go. I knew men everywhere would reconsider and say, ‘if Karl can do it so can I’.”

Ricky’s support of raising awareness of prostate cancer first hit the headlines in 2005 when a radio advert he scripted and recorded for The Prostate Cancer Charity was banned by the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre, although the ban was later overturned.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity, said: “We are extremely grateful to Ricky, Stephen, Karl, and Dr Chinegwundoh for using comedy to raise awareness of prostate cancer and the diagnostic process to literally thousands of people. Through his comedy Ricky has once again broken down some of the misconceptions about the disease and helped to raise awareness of it.

“We know men can be reluctant to go and see their doctor if they have problems ‘down below’ and so to script a sketch that questions this embarrassment in a non-threatening way is just brilliant.”

You can view Ricky’s prostate cancer chat on ‘An Idiot Abroad’ here:


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Prostate exam on Idiot Abroad
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