Postnatal depression common in men, finds report

Up to ten per cent of new fathers suffer prenatal and post-partum depression, new research has suggested.

The report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, claimed that there is a correlation between depression in new mothers and fathers.

Commenting on the new study, Adrienne Burgess, head of research at the Fatherhood Institute, said that postnatal depression in men is largely "unrecognised".

One reason for this is that very often midwives only engage with the new mother, leaving the father going unnoticed, she added.

"The signs are the classic signs of depression, such as being sleep deprived as they wake up early, sometimes loss of interest in sex," Ms Burgess explained.

"In men particularly it can also be profound irritability and anger and staying at work [for] long hours."

Last month, a report from insurance firm Aviva revealed that the number of men staying at home to look after children has risen ten times in as many years.


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Postnatal depression common in men, finds report
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