People urged to sort dental problems before Christmas

People who are worried about any potential dental issues should try to book a check-up before Christmas, one expert has said.

Dr Nigel Carter, the British Dental Health Foundation's chief executive, said it was better to sort any problems out as soon as possible, as it could be quite difficult to get treatment over the festive period.

"The last thing you want is that cavity in your back tooth that you are aware of … playing you up on Christmas Day and spoiling your Christmas," he said.

He urged people to adopt a regular dental routine that includes professional check-ups and brushing twice a day for two minutes with a flouride toothpaste.

People should also do their best to avoid sugary foods and drinks and could help prevent tooth damage by chewing a sugar-free gum, Dr Carter added.

A recent survey from Wrigley found that 70 per cent of people believe bad oral hygiene would prevent them kissing someone at a Christmas party.


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People urged to sort dental problems before Christmas
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