Pensioner hails Indian hip replacement

A 70-year old man opted to travel to India to have a hip replacement rather than wait on the NHS.

Pensioner John McLennan does not regret his decision to travel overseas for the operation because he means he can enjoy his new hip straight away rather than wait six months for treatment from his local health authority, reports the Evening Chronicle.

"I was treated like a king when I was out there and the hospital was absolutely spotless," Mr McLennan told the Chronicle.

"It was a complete adventure for me because the furthest I've ever been is Malta. The only tricky thing was trying to recover in temperatures around of 30C," he added.

Mr McLennan opted for the treatment in India because it represented good value for money and was more affordable than being treated by a local private provider.

Even though he was forced to take a 10-hour flight to a hospital in Bangalore, he still managed to save around £5,500 and enjoy two weeks in a completely different environment.


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Pensioner hails Indian hip replacement
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