Paediatric treatment of autistic youngsters more effective in big groups

Paediatric treatment of youngsters with autism needs to be overhauled to ensure that their development is unabated.

This is the view of neuroscientists at the City College of New York (CCNY), who presented their findings at the International Multisensory Research Forum, which took place from June 29th until July 2nd.

The research concluded that youngsters should be taught in small groups because they may find it hard to keep up with what they are being told when in big groups surrounded by background noise.

Dr John Foxe, professor of Neuroscience at CCNY, commented: "Sensory integration dysfunction has long been speculated to be a core component of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) but there has been precious little hard empirical evidence to support this notion.

"Viewing a speaker's articulatory movements can greatly improve a listener's ability to understand spoken words, and this is especially the case under noisy environmental conditions."

Autism is a brain development disorder that impacts on social behaviour and is characterised by repetitive acts.


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Paediatric treatment of autistic youngsters more effective in big groups
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