Orwell welcomes their oldest patient

Thursday 4 February 2016

On Tuesday 19th January 2016, Orwell welcomed their oldest patient yet when Isabel Edith Helen Lewis (known as Peggy), came in for a procedure under Dr Jeremy Sayer, Consultant Cardiologist.

Peggy, who is a resident at The Orchard Lea Retirement Village (located on the Thomas Rivers Site), is 103 in April this year. In April 2013 she received a 100th birthday card from the Queen.

Peggy by profession was a florist with a shop in Kensington providing specialist services to ‘Royal Palaces’. It was therefore quite natural that Peggy took over the control of the pot plants and table decorations around Orchard Lea when she became a resident.

With her eye for décor she was always available for consultation whenever Orchard Lea changed the furniture or fabrics in the communal areas and very kindly provided all our table cloths in the restaurant.

Until she gave up driving (at the age of 98) Peggy went out most days taking other residents to various local places, doing shopping runs for residents.

In 2007 Orchard Lea was approached by an advertising company to provide a resident aged 93 to appear on a TV commercial for Muller Dairy products, their ‘Lick the Lid of Life’ campaign. Naturally Peggy was up for it and was seen on the TV ad during 2007/08.

When asked what her secret was for staying so young at 102, she said “It was a secret!”


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