New app helps users track their health

The app, designed to help users log and record their eating and drinking habits, helps users to stay healthy and is now available on iTunes.

A look at the Top Paid apps in the App Store’s Health & Fitness category reveals a number of calorie counters, food diaries and get-fit apps, suggesting a real push from users to keep on top of their health, despite busy and hectic lifestyles.

The Healthy Living Tracker takes this one step further: allowing users to not only record what they are eating and drinking to ensure they are consuming health conscious foods, but to log how much exercise they are doing and then share their achievements with their friends by connecting with either Facebook or Twitter.

The application also allows users to set reminders for health check-ups and self-examinations, which in turn helps them to keep on top of their health and fitness levels. The app, designed to help users manage their healthy lifestyle choices, navigates users to a healthier outlook for 2011 and beyond.

Andy Jack, who came up with the concept for the app commented on why its use is so important:

“All of us have either been affected by cancer or know someone who has. I, like most, have lost many good friends through this illness, and the fact remains, we are going to lose an awful lot more unless something is done. Grief on a personal level, and the loss of a friend, was the driving force behind the idea for the Healthy Living Tracker.”

He continues: “The statistics for cancer don't look good, but we can do our bit to fight back. By having a healthy balanced diet, taking exercise on a regular basis and checking ourselves for the signs of early stage cancer at least once per month is our best line of defense. Don't end up like my friend, ignorance is not bliss.”

The Healthy Living Tracker fits into one of the most popular categories of applications, providing those of us who lead a busy life with little time for the gym or free hours to spend tallying up calories, with quick answers, easy-to-follow data and tools for tracking important health and fitness goals. For today’s hectic lifestyle, the Healthy Living Tracker saves time and could help save lives.

The application is available to download.


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New app helps users track their health
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