More Scots having breast enlargement surgery

The number of Scottish women opting to have breast enlargement surgery has risen, despite ready cash being in short supply for many.

Both the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group and Spire Healthcare told the Scotsman that they have witnessed an increase in demand, with women seemingly determined to enhance their busts even if it means cutting down on other luxuries.

Breast enlargement surgery is not the only form of cosmetic surgery to enjoy increasing popularity, according to Spire Healthcare, a private hospital company that owns Spire Murrayfield Hospital.

The hospital has experienced a 27 per cent increase in facelifts, a 19 per cent rise in pinnaplasty (ear pinning surgery), an 18 per cent increase in lower eyelid reductions and an eight per cent growth in demand for liposuction.

Consultant plastic surgeon Ken Stewart told the Scotsman: "It has been a very healthy year. The numbers are fairly consistent and have gone up."

Mr Stewart claimed that cosmetic surgery is becoming more accessible to "normal" people and that more people are regarding it as "an acceptable thing to do".

Spire Murrayfield offers a number of specialist services, including a bowel cancer unit and breast care, fertility and sports injury clinics.


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More Scots having breast enlargement surgery
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