Liver disease deaths 'surging'

Recent reports have revealed a surge in the number of deaths caused by liver disease.

Binge drinking and obesity were identified as two of the main causes of the increase in mortalities.

Over the past decade, the number of lives claimed by livers that were work-out, diseased and damaged has soared by 60 per cent.

However, Sarah Matthews, spokesperson for the British Liver Trust, said that the majority of liver disease is "entirely preventable".

She added: "Making small lifestyle changes, such as giving yourself two consecutive days off alcohol a week and maintaining a healthy weight, will help reduce your risk of developing liver disease and cancer."

Ms Matthews noted that in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, people should ensure that they are vaccinated against hepatitis B before travelling to any countries in which it is prevalent.

The British Liver Trust has claimed that liver disease is the only major cause of death that is still increasing year-on-year.


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Liver disease deaths 'surging'
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