Britons are giving into temptation and spending a large proportion of their weekly shopping bill on junk food.

This is according to a recent study conducted by Lighterlife, which revealed that Brits now spend over a quarter of their weekly shopping bill on snack items.

Expenditure on chocolate, biscuits, crisps, soft drink and alcohol totalled almost £1,000 a year for the average person.

Psychologist David Moxon suggested that people need to understand the role junk food plays in their lives in order to tackle their dependence on it.

He added: "People need to sit down and think about their eating habits and patterns and then question the underlying reasons for them; if they are not hungry then perhaps they could fill that transition with some other thoughts or behaviour."

Obesity is becoming an increasing problem among young people in the UK as Datamonitor recently revealed that over one in three children in the UK aged between five and 12 are now overweight or obese.


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