Gay men 'should get regular HIV testing'

Homosexual men should guarantee their sexual health by getting tested for HIV at least once a year, the National Aids Trust (NAT) believes.

According to a spokesperson for the charity, evidence suggests that a failure to diagnose HIV early has made a significant contribution towards its spread.

As a result, regular screening is advisable not just to ensure the disease is caught early but to keep new infection rates down.

"New infections are caused by people who have been infected but not tested yet. So if we encourage more people to get tested, and get tested early, and get them on treatments, then that should hopefully bring down HIV rates in the UK," the spokesperson confirmed.

Statistics compiled by the NAT show around 31 per cent of people with HIV have yet to be diagnosed.

Those already established to have the disease are likely to be between the ages of 30 and 44, although four per cent of sufferers are aged 15 to 24.

The NAT hopes to influence the UK population's opinion of HIV through the provision of advice and information.


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Gay men 'should get regular HIV testing'
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