The future of the NHS

All three main political parties have laid out their plans for the NHS


  • No more real term increases in funding
  • £15bn to £20bn efficiency savings over next four years
  • A personalised NHS
  • All targets scrapped
  • Personal health budgets
  • Publish data about performance of doctors
  • New National Care Service for elderly


  • Retain Labour's spending plan for 2010/2011
  • Increased spending in following years
  • All targets scrapped
  • Reduced bureaucracy
  • More control by doctors and nurses
  • Performance tables on every medical person
  • Personal health budgets
  • Residential care costs for the over-65s in England to be paid in return for a one-off £8000 fee
  • Cut cost of NHS quangos and management by a third in England
  • Reform dentistry
  • Dental check-ups at school


  • Who-ever wins, the NHS will have to reduce what it does
  • Efficiency savings can only do a small amount
  • Private health and other insurers will have to fill the gaps
  • Do not dismiss Lib-Dem policy, if is a hung parliament they will have a loud voice


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The future of the NHS
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