Eyesight 'affected by weight gain'

Obesity treatment and advice could be needed by people who are overweight and concerned about their eye health.

According to Dharmesh Patel, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, being overweight is a risk factor in the development of "sight threatening eye conditions such as macular degeneration or cataracts".

Conversely, eating a health diet rich in fruit and vegetables, exercising regularly, keeping an eye on your weight and stopping smoking can all help to maintain good eye health, he explained.

The research comes after a study from the College of Optometrists revealed that 43 per cent of people think that glasses make a person look more intelligent.

A further 36 per cent reckon that they can make someone look more professional.

To this end, 40 per cent of those questioned said that they would consider wearing clear lens glasses that they do not need just to help them get ahead at work and look fashionable.


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Eyesight 'affected by weight gain'
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