Eye surgery for cataracts could be avoided

Eye surgery may soon not be the only option available to patients with cataracts, a new study has suggested.

Researchers carried out a series of experiments on tissue culture and found that a widely used dietary supplement was effective in the treatment and prevention of cataracts.

Tissue cultures of rat lenses that were free from disease were infected with a substance known to cause cataracts called guanidine.

A similar batch of rat lenses were exposed to guanidine and a dietary supplement called carnosine.

It was found that the lenses containing a combination of guanidine and carnosine were up to 60 per cent less cloudy than the ones with only guanidine.

The findings of the study will be published in the July 28th edition of Biochemistry, a weekly journal published by ACS.

If proved, the breakthrough could mean that surgical replacement of the lens is no longer the only effective treatment available to cataract patients.

A cataract develops when the crystalline lens or envelope of the eye becomes cloudy. The condition can eventually lead to vision loss if not treated


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Eye surgery for cataracts could be avoided
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