Eye examinations 'can detect diseases'

Regular eye examinations can help to detect general health issues and diseases.

This is the view of Tony Veverka, chief executive at Ultralase, who said that diabetes and high blood pressure can be identified through such an examination, allowing for early treatment.

Mr Veverka added that most people should be "having an eye examination about every two to three years", explaining that different lifestyle factors can take their toll.

"With the increasing use of computers, it's a very good idea to take regular breaks from computer screen work, as the eyes can become dry and irritated," he said.

Ultralase is one of the pioneers in the laser eye surgery industry, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year as the first private company in the UK to offer the procedure.

The group has provided over 225,000 treatments since it opened, helping out such celebrities as Sir Steve Redgrave, Jonathan Edwards and Sir Clive Woodward.



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Eye examinations 'can detect diseases'
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