Exercise breaks 'could tackle obesity'

Employees could keep off the weight by taking 'exercise breaks' during the day, it has been suggested.

Recent research published in the British Journal of Spots Medicine has revealed that sitting down all day can increase the risk of various health problems.

High blood pressure, diabetes and weight gain are all possible issues for people with stationary lifestyles.

The study also revealed that going to the gym will have minimal effect on the weight gain of workers who are sitting still at a desk all day.

Tam Fry, a spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, agreed with the research: "Sedentary behaviour is bound over the course of time to contribute to weight gain unless the person then takes the right amount of exercise."

However, the weight expert suggested that workers could take their exercise in "short bursts" during the day by running up and down the stairs or around the block at work.

"This may sound off the wall and funny but this is the kind of expenditure which, over the course of time, adds up," said Mr Fry.


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Exercise breaks 'could tackle obesity'
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