Executive Rehab Guide launches website to coincide with the Christmas party season

A new website has just been launched to advise employers and HR managers about the issue of alcohol, drug abuse in the workplace.

The Executive Rehab Guide equips employers, managers, colleagues and employees with the information and tools they need to tackle alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace at the earliest possible stage.

At this time of year, office staff are celebrating Christmas with alcohol-fuelled Christmas parties and New Year is usually followed by a two day hangover. By New Year many people who have been struggling with alcohol or drug problems decide that it’s time to seek help but are worried about how their employers will react to this news. This could result in them continuing working while concealing their problem, only making matters worse and potentially putting their colleagues and the public at risk.

Alcohol, cocaine, drug and gambling addiction among executives and professionals can have a huge impact on businesses. An already sensitive issue is compounded by confidentiality and privacy requirements, denial, time constraints and legal issues.

A special section for employers includes expert advice from a team of experts including Occupational Health Physician Dr Mike McCann, author of the reference book ‘Alcohol, Drugs & Employment’ and Ed Zuiderwijk, Therapy Team Leader at Castle Craig Netherlands.

Executive Rehab Guide helps employers spot and help an employee with an alcohol, drug, gambling or stress problem, and advises employers, managers, co-workers and company doctors on how to help these employees.

Whether seeking help for yourself, an employee or a colleague, Executive Rehab Guide helps you understand the issue of alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace and find the best possible treatment solution.

Castle Craig Hospital, near Edinburgh, Scotland.


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Executive Rehab Guide launches website to coincide with the Christmas party season

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