England Netball spearheads women’s health promotion

Alex Sexton from England Netball headed down to 108 Harley Street to learn about the latest offer being given to our members.

108 Medical Chambers offers a variety of health checks, ranging from X-ray and imaging to mammograms, but it was the mole screening clinic that we were concentrating on as, heading towards summer, we thought a quick skin check was in order.

Celia Ellicott was taking care of the screenings for us and detailed how important protection in the sun is. She said: “Melanoma is on the increase in teenage and 25-40 age groups. I would advise that players wear a sunscreen and put it on half hour before they go out to play and use a factor that contains UV A and UVB and that they re-apply regularly, every two to three hours. You can come along and have a check if you are concerned, and it’s also good practice to have your moles checked if you have never had one done. We also run a service where we can follow you up with an annual re-screen.”

Keen to have a check-up before catching some sun was Rachel Dunn, who took the opportunity to have a once over. The Surrey Storm shooter was impressed with the screening and said: “It went well; it was painless and pretty informative. I now have a better understanding of moles. It has never really been available before and now I have found out how easy and quick it is, it’s something I will do again. If you pick these things up early it stops the problem, it’s when you leave them that the problems occur and that’s why the screening process is so important.”

Also taking the chance for a screening was Rachel’s teammate Tamsin Greenway. The England attacker said: “It’s a great opportunity to come down and get checked out and make sure everything is healthy and it’s important as athletes to stay on top of these things. I think it’s a great opportunity; it ties in really well with us being fit and healthy athletes as well as to promote that to women; not just to stay fit and healthy but to also look after themselves.


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England Netball spearheads women’s health promotion

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