Embarrassment 'preventing workers exercising'

Embarrassment is preventing workers from getting exercise during their time at the office.

This is according to recent research conducted by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The study found that around 35 per cent of employees avoid exercise during their working day because they are embarrassed that their colleagues might see them getting hot and sweaty.

However, the BHF suggested that this could present a problem as 81 per cent of workers are failing to get the recommended amount of exercise each week.

Indeed, 55 per cent of people spend more than half of their working day sitting or standing still, while a further 48 per cent eat their lunch at their desk.

Lisa Purcell, project manager for BHF's Health at Work programme, commented: "You don't have to don a lycra leotard to get fit and healthy, the payoffs from even simple changes like taking a walk at lunchtime are too great to ignore.

"Getting healthy during the working day means you are less stressed and better motivated."


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Embarrassment 'preventing workers exercising'
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