Early detection 'key to tackling cancer'

A leading cancer researcher has highlighted the benefits of early detection and patient awareness in reducing the mortality rates from cancer.

Speaking in an interview with the LWWPartnerships website, Professor Jaak Janssens noted that in addition to preventative methods, early detection was proving beneficial.

Professor Janssens from the European Cancer Prevention Organisation said: "The decrease in breast cancer mortality has been mainly achieved by earlier detection through innovations in mammography, ultrasound and tissue acquisition."

Another European cancer researcher, Professor Attilio Giacosa, agreed that preventative methods were important in tackling cancer rates.

Professor Giacosa said that fresh fruit and vegetables as well as heavily moderated consumption of wine also have a role to play in stopping cancer from developing.

The latest cancer rates from Cancer Research UK show that in 2006 293,000 people were newly diagnosed with the disease.

Cancers of the breast, lung, colorectal and prostate account for over half of all new cases.


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Early detection 'key to tackling cancer'
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