Consultants form team of heart rhythm experts

Four of the region’s leading cardiologist have joined together to form a centre of excellence based at Birmingham’s BMI Priory Hospital.

The Birmingham Heart Rhythm Group specialises in the treatment of abnormal heart rhythms and offers ablation treatments and pacemaker implants for all heart rhythm conditions.

The team is led by Dr Michael Griffith, regarded as one of the most experienced heart rhythm consultants in the UK.

While a Senior Registrar in Newcastle Dr Griffith carried out some of the first radiofrequency ablations of heart rhythm disorders in the UK and was appointed the first Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham in 1993.

Since then he has been at the forefront of heart rhythm treatment in the UK.  He has served on HRUK council and is currently leading the national work on patient-reported outcomes for heart rhythm treatments.

Consultant Cardiologists Dr Howard Marshall, Dr Joseph De Bono and Dr Mauro Lencioni complete the team.

Explain Dr Griffith: “The thinking behind the group is to provide across the board expertise in an environment where we can work together to share knowledge and experience in order to give the best possible outcomes to our patients.”

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Consultants form team of heart rhythm experts
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