Cigarette 'packet racket must be stopped'

More must be done to halt the rise in the number of lung lung cancer cases among British women.

This is the opinion of Cancer Research UK's director of tobacco control Jean King, who was speaking after new statistics revealed that the 18,000 women were diagnosed with the disease in 2009.

She said that the figures highlight the deadly influence of smoking and even though cigarette adverts have been banned from television since 1965, marketers are still managing to persuade new people to take up the habit.

Ms King wants cigarettes to be displayed in plain packs as brightly coloured designs are more appealing to children.

"It's vital that the UK closes one of the last remaining loopholes that portrays smoking as something glamorous and normal, rather than the lethal product it truly is," she explained.

Sara Hiom, the charity's information director, said that it is not too late for those who currently smoke to stop and quitting will seriously reduce a person' risk of lung cancer.



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Cigarette 'packet racket must be stopped'
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