Cellulite 'is a cosmetic issue'

It has recently been noted that cellulite is a cosmetic issue, rather than a health risk.

Dr Claudia Aguirre, scientific communications manager for the International Dermal Institute, said that people can be "perfectly fit, perfectly healthy and live a long health life" but still have cellulite.

She added that the problem tends to affect women more than men, particularly around the pelvic region, lower limbs and abdomen.

Earlier this year, reality TV star Kim Kardashian told Cosmopolitan that she couldn't care less about her cellulite.

However, women who want to do something about their cellulite might need to consider cosmetic surgery since Dr Aguiree remarked that there "isn't a cream out there which is going to change the architecture of your fibres".

She added: "In essence, as a woman, unless you are able to change that architecture, then you won't really change the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

"The way that a woman develops fat is just inherently different to the way a man develops fat. That is why women will get cellulite and men won't."



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Cellulite 'is a cosmetic issue'
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