Cancer symptoms 'should not be ignored'

British people should be more willing to visit their GPs if they are concerned about any cancerous symptoms, according to one expert.

Science communication manager at the Association for International Cancer Research Dr Lara Bennett argued that the earlier cancer is diagnosed the more successful treatment will be.

It is for this reason that she also believes the government should try to encourage more people to take part in national screening tests.

Dr Bennett explained that HPV vaccines, mammograms and PSA tests could all help to reduce the number of cancer deaths in the UK.

As well as being more vigilant about the first symptoms of the disease, people could reduce their risk by adopting more salubrious lifestyles.

"Healthy eating - diets high in fruit and veg and low in red and processed meat - and staying out of the sun during peak time" can all limit a person's chances of developing cancer added Dr Bennett.


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Cancer symptoms 'should not be ignored'
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