Bupa urges private sector to take lead

Private hospitals should collect and publish the same activity and performance data as NHS hospitals, a Bupa director has claimed.

According to group medical director Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen, the move would ensure choice for patients and commissioners and establish a "level playing field" across the public and private healthcare sectors.

He also noted that performance data should include success rates in terms of patient reported outcomes, measures of health gains and patient satisfaction levels.

Speaking at the Independent Healthcare Convention, Dr Vallance-Owen commented: "It is high time that we started routinely measuring success as well as failure in healthcare.

"Success rates would drive continuous quality improvement, help patients and their GPs make more informed choices, and help move the productivity discussion from measure of output to the much more relevant measure of outcome, which is actually what healthcare is all about."

The medical director also said that the independent sector should lead the way in publishing clinical performance indicators, as it is capable of moving more quickly than the NHS.


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Bupa urges private sector to take lead
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