Breast augmentations 'span all ages'

Breast augmentation has been described as one of the top cosmetic surgery procedures due to the fact that it can be applicable to a wide range of ages.

Recent research from Mintel revealed that the procedure is still the most common cosmetic surgery practice in the UK, accounting for 25 per cent of all surgical treatments.

Ruth Donnelly, editor of Cosmetic Surgery Anaesthetics Guide, explained what she believes is motivating the continued popularity of breast augmentations.

"I think boob jobs and breast augmentation will be in the top procedures as far as surgery is concerned just because it spans the widest age range," she said.

"People don't have facelifts in their 20s but they do have boob jobs in their 20s and they can go on having boob jobs right up until their 60s."

The comments follow research from which revealed that 2.65 million people are considering or have already been abroad for surgery. 


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Breast augmentations 'span all ages'
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